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Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator



We were hired by  Lundbeck research, at 215 College Road in Paramus, NJ.  The project consisted of removing their existing 500 KW Caterpillar generator, seen here, and installing a new 1500 KW Cummins generator. Because of the size and the weight of the generator we had to higher a crane that required the installation of extra counterweights due to the massive weight of the new generator.

The enclosure was 14′ wide, and 37′ long. The total weight that we had to lift up with this crane was 71 thousand pounds, and then that had to be strategically set in place over the existing conduits stubbed-up out of the new concrete pad to support all the weight of that generator.

The employees of Academy Electric, seen here straightening out all of the lifting straps, because every one of them has to be strategically located so that when we lift this massive weight, everything comes up nice and even. We are now positioning the straps to get them located into the eight pit points that we had to use to pick up the weight of this generator. Continue reading Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator

Home Standby Generators… Engineered For The Electrician

By: Shashikant Moore; Eric Nordstrom; Dan Priem

As we move from hurricane season into winter storm season, back-up power has become top of mind with the unprecedented power outages left from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. But winter storm from nor’easters to ice storms can still cause devastating power outages.

So, what’s the difference between the various standby power sources, and what should you be asking your customers to think about? Primarily, it’s their preferences – how big of a unit do they need; how important are aesthetics and acoustics noise levels; do they need features like remote monitoring and load management? These are the questions that we think about at Cummins when we’re designing a new generator. We examine how each of these factors affects the design of our systems, and then we test those designs and refine them further. It’s what we’ve been doing for almost 100 years.

When we started to design the new Quiet- Connect series of home standby generators, our goal was to create a smaller, quieter gen- erator than previous designs. We thought carefully about the type of sheet metal that we used, its thickness and shape, as well as the  air movement scheme and all of the enclosure elements. We moved from carbon steel to aluminum, and studied the noise level, air movement and discharge.

Revolutionary Architecture Created To Meet Aggressive Noise Targets

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Propane vs Natural Gas Generator Fuel

Generator Dan O’Brien answers the question which is a more reliable fuel source propane vs natural gas.

In New Jersey when it comes to the generator – Dan is the man.  Dan O’Brien has been helping people choose the right generator for their situation long before hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey.

Recently we have been inundated with questions about propane vs natural gas generator fuel and the fuel sources available for home standby and small residential and commercial generators. I am going to go into detail about using propane as using it as the fuel to fuel your generator. Continue reading Propane vs Natural Gas Generator Fuel

500kw Cummins Onan Diesel Generator Installation

Cummins Onan Diesel Generator Installation

In this video Generator Dan walks you through a commercial generator installation showing you the process from generator delivery to the transfer switch. This one of many New Jersey commercial generator installations by Academy Electrical Contractors.

This Cummins Power Generation rental package is a fully integrated mobile power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for standby and prime power applications.

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Emergency Generator Rescue by Electrical Power Systems

Emergency Generator Rescue

Emergency Generator Rescue Generator DanIn response to the Hurricane Sandy emergency in New York City an emergency generator rescue was needed at Pier 40 in New York City. Electrical Power Systems LLC located in Emerson NJ provided a 1000 kw emergency generator rental when a 5,000 amp substation went down and provided emergency power to a 1.5 million sq/ft facility.http://www.electricalpowersys.com

Generator Dan O’Brien Addresses Bergen County Electrical Contractors

With The Increase In Extreme Weather And The Dependence On Technology, Back Up Power Is Becoming Less Of An option And More Of A Necessity. In This Day And Age We Have Become Reliant On Technology To Function In Our Day To Day Activities, i.e. Phones, Computers, Garage Doors, Heat, A/C etc., Which Require Electricity To Work. Continue reading Generator Dan O’Brien Addresses Bergen County Electrical Contractors