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Why Whole House Generators are so Important in Winter


Don’t Take Chances with Your Heat

As the cold weather sets in protecting your home and family with a whole house generator makes perfect sense.  We all  have come to rely on power for our computers, tablets, cell phones as well as household appliances. That being said, heat and hot water are of utmost importance in the winter season. It is not only a mater of comfort and convenience it is a mater of safety. Watch the video above to learn more. Contact Generator Dan

Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator



We were hired by  Lundbeck research, at 215 College Road in Paramus, NJ.  The project consisted of removing their existing 500 KW Caterpillar generator, seen here, and installing a new 1500 KW Cummins generator. Because of the size and the weight of the generator we had to higher a crane that required the installation of extra counterweights due to the massive weight of the new generator.

The enclosure was 14′ wide, and 37′ long. The total weight that we had to lift up with this crane was 71 thousand pounds, and then that had to be strategically set in place over the existing conduits stubbed-up out of the new concrete pad to support all the weight of that generator.

The employees of Academy Electric, seen here straightening out all of the lifting straps, because every one of them has to be strategically located so that when we lift this massive weight, everything comes up nice and even. We are now positioning the straps to get them located into the eight pit points that we had to use to pick up the weight of this generator. Continue reading Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator

Food Safety and Power Outages


Keeping your food safe while the Power is Out . . .

  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature.
    • Note: The refrigeratorwill keep food cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened.
    • Note: A full freezerwill keep the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed. It’s a good idea to have an appliance thermometer in the freezer.

Continue reading Food Safety and Power Outages

Cummins Connect Series Generators Dan O’Brien

Cummins Connect Series Generators

NJ Cummins Generator Dealer Dan O'Brien

Introduced by Dan O’Brien of Academy Electrical Contractors Emerson, New Jersey

This is a sneak peak at what Cummins has in store for its new release of residential generators. Whole house generators are getting more sophisticated and Generator Dan O’Brien gives us an idea of some of the new features this new series of Cummins Direct Series Generators. Continue reading Cummins Connect Series Generators Dan O’Brien

Cummins Onan Awards Top Dealer

For The Second Year In A Row Cummins Onan  Awards  Top Dealer Academy Electric The Award For Excellence In Sales, Installation And Service Of Standby Generators For The Northeast.


awardEmerson, NJ-August 2, 2013- Cummins Onan Awards Top Dealer “For the second consecutive year Academy Electric has received the Cummins Onan award for excellence in service, sales and installations, and is on track for it’s third” stated Dan O’Brian. Academy Electric Academy electric is owned and operated by Dan O’Brian and is located in Emerson New Jersey. The dealership employs 20 people covering sales, installation and service of standby generators. Academy Electric offers turnkey solutions to Continue reading Cummins Onan Awards Top Dealer

Generator Dan Keeping the Best on top with Safety

With The Installation Of A New, Upgraded, Total Facility Emergency Back Up Power System Equipped With A Notification System The Staff And Residents At The Woodcliff Lake Health And Rehabilitation Center Can Rest Easy Knowing They Won’t be Left Powerless Thanks to Generator Dan O’Brien Continue reading Generator Dan Keeping the Best on top with Safety

Generator Dan O’Brien Addresses Bergen County Electrical Contractors

With The Increase In Extreme Weather And The Dependence On Technology, Back Up Power Is Becoming Less Of An option And More Of A Necessity. In This Day And Age We Have Become Reliant On Technology To Function In Our Day To Day Activities, i.e. Phones, Computers, Garage Doors, Heat, A/C etc., Which Require Electricity To Work. Continue reading Generator Dan O’Brien Addresses Bergen County Electrical Contractors