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Generator Dan’s installation of emergency power generators

Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator



We were hired by  Lundbeck research, at 215 College Road in Paramus, NJ.  The project consisted of removing their existing 500 KW Caterpillar generator, seen here, and installing a new 1500 KW Cummins generator. Because of the size and the weight of the generator we had to higher a crane that required the installation of extra counterweights due to the massive weight of the new generator.

The enclosure was 14′ wide, and 37′ long. The total weight that we had to lift up with this crane was 71 thousand pounds, and then that had to be strategically set in place over the existing conduits stubbed-up out of the new concrete pad to support all the weight of that generator.

The employees of Academy Electric, seen here straightening out all of the lifting straps, because every one of them has to be strategically located so that when we lift this massive weight, everything comes up nice and even. We are now positioning the straps to get them located into the eight pit points that we had to use to pick up the weight of this generator. Continue reading Installing a new 1500 KW Cummins Generator

Generator Sound Attenuation New Jersey Comply with Sound Ordinances

Outdoor  Generator Sound Attenuation

Academy Electrical Contractors install generator sound attenuation material at a NJ rehabilitation center. The town had strict requirements that needed to be adhered to in order for the facility to use the standby generator for their lighting, temperature controls and medical equipment. This video gives you a quick look at the sound attenuation material installation process.


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Whole House Generators and New Home Construction – Dan O’Brien

Generator Dan O’Brien talks about the value of whole house generators and new home construction. Dan points out the savings realized when making this smart move

whole house generators and new home constructionIf you had any thoughts of building a new home now would definitely be the time to put some thought into whole house generators new home construction. To install a generator while you’re in the process of building a home adds very very little cost to the cost of the construction on the home. If you install a generator and have your electrician wire in right from the beginning, all of the costs that are associated with installing a generator Continue reading Whole House Generators and New Home Construction – Dan O’Brien

Dan O’Brien Fast Reliable Generator Solutions NJ Generators

Dan O’Brien

danNRpic1When the power goes down at your business your best solution is Dan O’Brien at Academy Electric and Electrical Power Systems Inc. Generator Dan will hook you up when you need to be Up, Runnin’ and Hummin’.

Electrical Power Systems Inc. Continue reading Dan O’Brien Fast Reliable Generator Solutions NJ Generators