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Generator Dan’s picks for residential generators

Home Standby Generators… Engineered For The Electrician

By: Shashikant Moore; Eric Nordstrom; Dan Priem

As we move from hurricane season into winter storm season, back-up power has become top of mind with the unprecedented power outages left from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. But winter storm from nor’easters to ice storms can still cause devastating power outages.

So, what’s the difference between the various standby power sources, and what should you be asking your customers to think about? Primarily, it’s their preferences – how big of a unit do they need; how important are aesthetics and acoustics noise levels; do they need features like remote monitoring and load management? These are the questions that we think about at Cummins when we’re designing a new generator. We examine how each of these factors affects the design of our systems, and then we test those designs and refine them further. It’s what we’ve been doing for almost 100 years.

When we started to design the new Quiet- Connect series of home standby generators, our goal was to create a smaller, quieter gen- erator than previous designs. We thought carefully about the type of sheet metal that we used, its thickness and shape, as well as the  air movement scheme and all of the enclosure elements. We moved from carbon steel to aluminum, and studied the noise level, air movement and discharge.

Revolutionary Architecture Created To Meet Aggressive Noise Targets

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Cummins Connect Series Generators Dan O’Brien

Cummins Connect Series Generators

NJ Cummins Generator Dealer Dan O'Brien

Introduced by Dan O’Brien of Academy Electrical Contractors Emerson, New Jersey

This is a sneak peak at what Cummins has in store for its new release of residential generators. Whole house generators are getting more sophisticated and Generator Dan O’Brien gives us an idea of some of the new features this new series of Cummins Direct Series Generators. Continue reading Cummins Connect Series Generators Dan O’Brien

Whole House Generators and New Home Construction – Dan O’Brien

Generator Dan O’Brien talks about the value of whole house generators and new home construction. Dan points out the savings realized when making this smart move

whole house generators and new home constructionIf you had any thoughts of building a new home now would definitely be the time to put some thought into whole house generators new home construction. To install a generator while you’re in the process of building a home adds very very little cost to the cost of the construction on the home. If you install a generator and have your electrician wire in right from the beginning, all of the costs that are associated with installing a generator Continue reading Whole House Generators and New Home Construction – Dan O’Brien