Cummins Connect Series Generators Dan O’Brien

Cummins Connect Series Generators

NJ Cummins Generator Dealer Dan O'Brien

Introduced by Dan O’Brien of Academy Electrical Contractors Emerson, New Jersey

This is a sneak peak at what Cummins has in store for its new release of residential generators. Whole house generators are getting more sophisticated and Generator Dan O’Brien gives us an idea of some of the new features this new series of Cummins Direct Series Generators.

Academy Electrical NJ Cummins GeneratorRecently I went to visit the Cummins factory and while I was there
I learned that Cummins is introducing a new line of residential / light commercial generators called the Connect series.
I’m really excited about this new series a generator they’ve completely redesigned the generator the enclosures are much smaller, they are by far the quietest machine on the market, extremely versatile and just loaded with options.

They are going to be very competitively priced. They will offer you a great machine aesthetically pleasing with an aluminum 150 mile an hour rated enclosure. This is really going to be quite the machine.

Dec 9th Cummins posted Cummins’ New Standby Generators that Quietly Provide Peace of Mind | The Block

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