Whole House Generators and New Home Construction – Dan O’Brien

Generator Dan O’Brien talks about the value of whole house generators and new home construction. Dan points out the savings realized when making this smart move

whole house generators and new home constructionIf you had any thoughts of building a new home now would definitely be the time to put some thought into whole house generators new home construction. To install a generator while you’re in the process of building a home adds very very little cost to the cost of the construction on the home. If you install a generator and have your electrician wire in right from the beginning, all of the costs that are associated with installing a generator after the fact are not in the cost of building your home.  The only real added cost to put in a generator while you’re building  your home is the generator equipment itself.

If you add that to the 30-year mortgage that you’re going have on your home
it is pennies a month to have state of the art backup power to keep that home running and your family safe and secure. Academy Electrical Contractors.