Dan O'Brienteaching class on Generators

Generator Dan O’Brien Addresses Bergen County Electrical Contractors

With The Increase In Extreme Weather And The Dependence On Technology, Back Up Power Is Becoming Less Of An option And More Of A Necessity. In This Day And Age We Have Become Reliant On Technology To Function In Our Day To Day Activities, i.e. Phones, Computers, Garage Doors, Heat, A/C etc., Which Require Electricity To Work.

March 18, 2013- Dan O’Brien, President of Academy Electrical, Inc., a full service electrical contractor specializing in emergency power generator installation, will address the monthly meeting of the Bergen County Electrical Contractors Association. The meeting will be held March 20, 2013 at the VFW Hall, 321 S. Washington Ave., in Bergenfield, NJ at 6PM.

With the frequency and severity of extreme weather events increasing in the northeast, Mr. O’Brien, aka Generator Dan, was asked by The Bergen County Electrical Contractors Association to speak at their monthly meeting because he specializes in and has many years of experience with generator installation.

Generator Dan O’Brien states “the demand for back-up power and generator installations is on the rise. Living in a society that is deeply dependent on electricity, power outages have an enormous impact on households and businesses, making back up power less of an option and more of a necessity.”

When asked about choosing a generator Mr. O’Brien says that “generators are like any other product, there are better quality and more dependable manufacturers which may cost more but in the long run you are financially ahead of the game.”  Dan has chosen to demonstrate the new Cummins Onan Stealth Style RS Series Generator to the Bergen County Electrical Contractors Association “because of it’s dependability.”

When asked how to go about having a generator installed and if any electrician can handle it, Mr. O’Brien points out that “though the bulk of the work is electrical there is more to it than that such as the sizing of a generator, the gas piping sizing and plumbing.” Dan recommends “using a firm that is a factory authorized representative for the manufacturer’s equipment you have chosen. Getting the generator installed according to factory standards will provide a trouble free product for quite some time.”

In an effort to accommodate the increase in demand for emergency back up power and generator installations Academy Electric has expanded and continues to do so. Having been inundated with calls after these last big storms, even his rental fleet of 32 trailer-mounted diesels ranging in size from 20 up to a 1000 kilowatts wasn’t large enough to handle the overwhelming demand.

When asked if he has seen new home construction incorporating generators as standard equipment, Mr O’Brien said “I know a number of home builders and general contractors who due to the increase in technology are including generators in the new homes. I know first hand, generators make a home more attractive to a buyer and it certainly increases the value of a home.”

 Generator Dan O’Brien

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