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500kw Cummins Onan Diesel Generator Installation

Cummins Onan Diesel Generator Installation

In this video Generator Dan walks you through a commercial generator installation showing you the process from generator delivery to the transfer switch. This one of many New Jersey commercial generator installations by Academy Electrical Contractors.

This Cummins Power Generation rental package is a fully integrated mobile power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for standby and prime power applications.

The package utilizes custom designed switchgear to meet severe customer requirements. This switchgear provides reconnectable voltage via a link board design, automatic start/stop control and easy connection to existing installations.


Cummins diesel engines

• Rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel delivers reliable power and fast response to load changes.

• Lightweight, compact, and excellent fuel economy.

• Equipped with heavy duty air cleaners, bypass- type oil filters, and dual-element fuel/water separation filtration system with 4-way valve.

• Includes jacket water heaters for more reliable operation in emergency standby applications.

Control system

• The most advanced, reliable, and capable generator set control system available in the market today.

• Integrated generator set governing, voltage regulation, protection, in one easy-to-operate customer interface.

• Remote monitoring and operation ready. • Integrated ground fault indication.

Newage alternators

• Designed and built by Cummins Generator Technologies.

• Voltage reconnectable – 480/277 VAC high Wye to 208/120 VAC low Wye standard, 600 VAC optional.

• Alternators designed for improved motor starting.

• Permanent magnet excitation for improved performance in cyclic and non-linear load applications.

Rental package enclosure

• Designed for serviceability access.

• Optimized fuel capacity.

• Fluid containment design for greater environmental protection.

• Sound attenuated to minimize impact on local environment.

• Vertical cooling air and engine exhaust path to minimize sound level adjacent to the container.

• Equipped with 24 VDC lighting.

• Unit has paralleling capabilities at 480 and 600 VAC only.

• Utility grade breaker.

• Shore power 100 amp service breaker panel –single phase 120/240 VAC: (2) 30 amp breakers (one for each coolant heater) – 240 VAC: (26.75 amp = 6420 watts for the heater). (1) 15 amp breaker – 120 VAC (GFIs), (1) 15 amp breaker – 120 VAC (battery charger).